Live at Auditori de Burjassot (Spain)

Supporting The Cat Empire

Odds & Ends (Live)

Conciertos de Viveros Valencia (2014)

Secret Farewells (Live Vinyl Recording)

Secret 7” The Public Records

Somerset House London (2015)

Beatles Songs (Live)

Sofar Sounds Madrid (2015)

Secret Farewells (Live)

Sofar Sounds London (2015)

Beatles Songs (Live)

Centro Bancaja Valencia (2012)

Up The River (Live)

Conciertos de Viveros Valencia (2014)

Noise Off Unplugged

Madrid (2015)

Perranporth (Live)

Conciertos de Viveros Valencia (2014)

Traveling Together (Live)

Centro Bancaja Valencia (2012)


The Snow Train (Live)

Centro Bancaja Valencia (2012)


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HOLA! I’ve been a bit quiet this month. I’ve been traveling, I’ve been writing music I wanted to be more focused on and set ideas properly. I’m quite satisfied with what I’m getting, just needed a little push forward, a bit of creative undergrowth.
Will tell ya things quickly, cause that’s all I want to do now.
Enjoy the Spring equinox, of course.




El 20 de Febrero June’s K se une a la psicodelia más fan de Valencia para rendirle un grandioso homenaje al Starman más querido de todos los tiempos en la sala 16 Toneladas. For free. Entra aquí para saber más+

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Wanna sing and be featured at June’s K’s new video? Send your video singing in it, so you can be the next protagonist of Ms Honey’s music video, the song that was my first single and a forever- especially beloved track for me, too. Click here to see all the rules of the game. Let’s celebrate together this anniversary!



If you wonder what’s exactly inside a homemade kaleidoscope, it’s easy: Flower mirrors. Crystal blossoms on a pure summer morning, color drops in shooting stars. Forest scenes, or submarine sirens. All at once.

Welcome to June’s Kaleidoscope.

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Spanish born, the singer-songwriter and pianist Arantxa Iranzo – June’s Kaleidoscope- gets her project started in 2012, after being selected as a finalist at Hard Rock Café The Rising of Bands in London, amongst 12.000 candidates. Her debut live set was compared by James Curran (Absolute Radio) and James Walsh (Starsailor) to the haunting shows of the likes of Arcade Fire or Regina Spektor, and her music style to her greatest influence: The Beatles.

After a Major in Classical Piano and having spent some time gigging day in- day out at London’s live scene, June’s musical journey has brought highlights of radio play on BBC Introducing, shows at She’s The Fest Festival (Valencia), at Teatro Barceló (Madrid) with excellent critics, or at Conciertos de Viveros Festival (Spain) amongst legendary artists as Jehtro Tull or the songwriter and Oscar winner Jorge Drexler. She has also graced the stage in several Sofar Sounds sessions in some main european capitals (Madrid, London), or supported the praised australian band The Cat Empire in Spain during their European Tour 2015.

The music of June‘s Kaleidoscope has also been sponsored by major organizations as UNESCO, thanks to her contribution with »The Nepal Tree«: A charity music album for The Choir of the Orphaned Children of Kathmandu (Nepal). Her debut EP, »Soon You Will See«, was recorded in Valencia and released in December 2012. EL MUNDO (Spain) described her as ‘The Valencian Norah Jones’.

Having been chosen for the NC Songwriters Workshop in New York City in June 2014, in which she participated with GRAMMY-nominated songwriters such as Phil Galdston (Esperanza Spalding, Beyonce), Maia Sharp (Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Art Garfunkel) or Barry Eastmond (Aretha Franklin, Barry White), June’s Kaleidoscope has been working since then in Spain on her second studio album, due very soon.  “Secret Farewells” (2015), her latest single and music video (filmed in Connemara, Ireland)  was internationally selected by Universal Music UK to be performed and recorded at Somerset House in London at the Secret 7” 2015 event.


I burst out laughing
when I recall
all of those summers
when we grew up
Sat on a buggy
under the Sun
going around an island

We were six, seven,
eight, nine or ten
someone new coming
we didn’t care
Like a flock of seagulls…
on a lighthouse

Felt that opera of sirens
knocking at my door
Child eyes filled with feelings
I was so wrong, yes

I was so wrong,
the summer’s gone
We sang at night,
and we are all grown
This time, this time

Come, dive into the clouds
find the days of our family
This water here, the sounds, the sea
It feels like home
The sounds, the sea
A lighthouse, a Lifetime

Still there’s that sunset
But the sea breeze now changed its direction
and turns into sweet, sweet tears

It’s time for us to come here again
I see the lights calling from that cliff at night
Used to be, used to be
Our lighthouse


We wrote our names on our favorite shore
But the tide erased a
past that’s torn

But it’s alright
It’s alright
It’s alright
It’s alright
It’s okay
It’s okay

Ms Honey

Ms Honey, shut the door
already tried to advise you
that all the things that you ignore
maybe are your life

Fall is comin’, now you know
what’s better, you decide
between living on your own
or going for a ride

Ms Honey, now listen
this is not a home
Ms Honey, please don’t miss it
You seem older,
but you are not…

Sitting here,
now at the table
in your cold and empty place
you want something
but you are not able
to stand up and ask for it

The moon is rising up tonight,
so soon
and lights part of the sky
it’s true, as if it were the Sun
but it would never be alike

Be alike….

Miss Honey, don’t loose it
we’re still playing on,
still playing on
Miss Honey, hear, you’re different
so you better
come along
Du ru da da da da,
da da da …

Miss Honey, won’t you listen to me?
but you won’t be, alone
I swear you won’t

Miss Honey,
won’t you listen to me?

Miss Honey, she?
Miss Honey, who?
Miss Honey,
please say something
Miss Honey, speak
Miss Honey, shout
Miss Honey, start loving!

Miss Honey, she?
Miss Honey, who?
Miss Honey,
I’m not joking

Miss Honey, hear
Miss Honey, shout
Miss Honey,
you’ll be sorry

The Nepal


In the murmur of the wind
feathers fly tonight
all those whispers
that pray in the dead of night

And lying in bed,
singing you the tale
take a look outside
the sun will rise again

Children playing
around the Nepal Tree
hanging on its branches
take a look and see

Hymns and hopes
and dreams and words
I’ll hear them all from here
Ancient stories,
youth and joy
around the Nepal Tree

Children laughing
around the Nepal Tree
all their voices
will always stay within me


Long Ago

Long ago
I decided
to be one
like some kind of stupid crank

Never felt like
being courageous
I really think
I deserve a quick gunshot

“How dare ya, – you said,
my sweet darling?
How could you choose
to be always all alone?”

I know, I know
I’m so cynic
those dark glasses
never made me look so pretty

…And now,
I’m stuck again
hopefully, there’ll be
another chance.

Long ago,
we decided
to be two
but I spoilt it all with you

And to be blunt,
I didn’t know
how to be binary

But I do love you
and I swear all that it’s true

I know, I know
I’m so cynic
those dark glasses
never made me look so pretty

And now
I’m stuck
… again.

Odds and

It’s not what I expect
Muck on the ground
I feel much the same
and hate

Get away, first fall
But believe in the stars
Need to feel the thunder
Beating my neck
And write, sing everyday
To calm down
Brilliant or brittle like the sound

Under a rainy house
-a rainy house-
there’s my baby child
and cobwebs in my room
there’s nothing here to call ‘joy’
I forgot the song

Get away, and believe in the stars
Need to feel that thunder
beating my neck
And write, sing everyday
To calm down
Brilliant or brittle like the sound

Love the things you do,
do the things you love

Beatles Songs

It’s May, again
I heard that Jude finally made it better
He kissed Michelle
And stayed on those fields forever

As the lilies grow
Lucy has done it so
there’s still that Sun in her eyes
more than ever, diamonds fill her skies

Love me, love me do
You know I love you
you know I do, so
sing me Beatles songs
while we are on our way home
Spring is my favourite time
So please don’t say goodbye, now
Cause Mr. Kite and I
will do a show tonight
and you could come with me again

Love me, love me do
you know I love you
you know I do, so
Sing me Beatles Songs
while we are on our way home

We are going home
We are going home
We are going home
We are going home

Send some letters,
‘Dear Prudence’
let’s wear raincoats in the Sun
Sing me
Beatles, Beatles songs
On our way home
Honey pie, in my life
I’ll love you , I’ll love you
And more, and more ,
and more, and more,
and more, and more
And more, and more
and more,
and more.



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